About: Who We Are

Mother-Daughter Press is based on the creative legacy and prolific work of Gay McDonnell Bumgarner. As a pioneer, and beloved eccentric she created a gorgeous collection of images of the natural world. Her friend, Fran Pope, said it best in her poem "What I Learned from Gay". In her spirit we invite you to laugh, to ask questions, and to explore how the world works looking for new ways it connects in beauty. Mother-daughter press is a group of family and friends.

Gay McDonnell Bumgarner (see Gay's Bio). Gay was an internationally acclaimed landscape designer who then turned to full time photography. Words from Gay and her Friends features poetry that provides insight into Gay and her photography.

Sharon McDonnell MD MPH, daughter of Gay Bumgarner and the owner of Mother-Daughter Press. She is trained as a physician and epidemiologist. She specialized in international health and the social and cultural determinants of well-being. In managing the photography archives and the stock photography business of her mother she found her own way to the camera and a new way to love the natural world. But, it was the photography of her son and daughter and ultimately friends that led to renaming the business thus, emphasizes the living artistic process and the future agency thus emphasizes the living artistic procss and the future.

Natalya McDonnell, is blessed with a "good eye" and the willingness to do whatever is required to get the shot -- even lying in the paddock among the feet of three horses. She is a historian, horsewoman, and photographer.