Raccoons (Procyon lotor) find decorated Christmas tree in snow
White poinsettia, Euohorbia pulcherrima, decorative plant for Christmas and winter  holiday
Male cardinal on cedar branch with snowy background
Festive red barn birdhouse with holiday wreath at the door in snow
Male Northern Cardinal, Cardenalis cardenalis, causes snow to fly as he  pecks at holly berry covered with icicles and snow,  Missouri, USA America
Male Northern Cardinal, Richmondena cardinalis, perched on icy branches of frozen holly  berry and snow in winter with feathers puffed up for warmth
Wild turkey feeding on red hollyy berries in new snow
Male Northern Cardinal Richmondena cardinalis) sitting on icy branches of frozen coral berry after ice storm
Robin, Turdus Migratus, in winter perched on the branch of a Hawthorne tree covered with red berries, winter
American Robin, Turdus Migratorius, eating holly berry perched on snowy branch
Female bluebird, Sialia sialis perches on Branches on American Holly bush with red berries, Misouri USA
Horses drinking from a creek in snow
Warm red on a cold day: Two male cardinals, Cardinals cardinalis, perch in thorny tree in snowfall

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