Open red tulips in a row with sheer curtain behind-- redness and romance
Bleeding heart flowers close up, Dicentra curcullaria in spring, Maine, USA
Farm couple looks over the work from the end of the day, new mown hay, Missouri USA
Fine friends-- Two Box turtles-- male and female- meet as the evening light falls, Missouri USA
Curves: Two three-toed box turtles making eye contact while mating, Midwest USA
Two Garlic cloves crossed and together on table just picked, New England summer garden
Two dried thistle flower casings with snow like little pointed caps on top of them
Mother Canada goose and gosling look deeply in a moment of connection or understanding perhaps, Midwest USA
Box turtle gives lovely Buckeye butterfly a ride on his warm shell, Missouri USA
Two mallard ducks, Anas, male on the icy river, Maine, USA
Squirrel and turtle hug in mossy garden
Close up of the flower of Bleeding Heart, Dicentris spectabilis, blossom with dew drop in spring Missouri USA.
Two pink tulips in spring, Vermont, USA
Bleeding heart, Dicentra curcullaria,  flowers
Two cricket frogs,  Acris creptans Blanchard,  race to the top of mint flowers
purple flowers with yellow centers in large group, Vermont USA
Two spotted potbelly piglets sleeping together in the grass, Missouri, USA
Two Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens-- male and female -  perched on a fence, Yarmouth, Maine, USA
Romance-- Two hats, his and hers, lying in the grass in a field of wildflowers, with a swallowtail butterfly on the band
Row of Bleeding heart flowers handing in green spring, USA
Beagle puppy standing on hind legs to get a better view of a box turtle
Raccoon and Fawn make friends beside lake, Midwest USA- with caption
Fowlers toad, Bufo woodhousei fowleri, making first contact with alert snail
Monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, on branch with American bittersweet vine, Celastrus scandens, with berries
Red tulips in rows planted for city median strip along roadway
Polled Herford and potbelly piglet touch noses in greeting, Midwest USA
Male and female chickadees, Parus atricapillus,  on a branch of holly berries in the snow

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